The software development tool world is as fragmented and partisan as the world of politics and religion. Every developer and every development team have their favorite sets of tools and that from diverse vendors. A development management tool like MediDev needs to work with tools of distinct types, maturity, data repository and vendors to make the development process streamlined and low-overhead for delivering quality software successfully.

Integration of development tools is not as straight forward as integrating business and consumer software where synchronizing the data repositories is enough. Moreover, many-to-many integration of the tools results in explosion in point-to-point integration adapters (or connectors) as the number of tool increases. MediDev uses industries leading and only Enterprise Service bus (ESB) based tools integration technology Omnibus from Kovair Software to bring an ecosystem of 75+ most popular and  diverse development  tools.

This means whether a SaMD development team uses Jira for Agile management, Jenkins for build management, Subversion for configuration management or some other Requirements management tool like IBM DOORS, MediDev can work with all of them seamlessly where the team members can continue using their most comfortable tools.